Again!?! Jeez, they don’t stick out THAT far!!! #klr #klr650 #kawasaki #brokenturnsignal #dejavu #SanFrancisco

My belt buckle.

Snowy, the neighbors’ cat, napping on our deck.


biker forever

"Sigh." #siamese #cat

He drools in his sleep.


Old School Indian Chief Motorcycle.

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#Fashion! #BurningMan is over, dude. (at Alameda Point Antiques Faire)

#SciFi beauty electronic device from the 1970s? (at Alameda Point Antiques Faire)

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Behatted we peruse. (at Alameda Point Antiques Faire)

Found at the #Flea. Think I’ll call it the Star-Spangled Boner. (at Alameda Point Antiques Faire)

Off to #SanFrancisco #Opera #Bravo!Club Opening Night #Gala

Selvedge Cramerton Button-Fly Khakis

From Bill’s Khakis

M3 Trim Fit

At a formidable 8.8-oz., Cramerton Twill was the “twill of record” for U.S. Army issue khakis during WWII & for good reason. Then, along with an entire generation of iconic war tested products, it fell victim to planned obsolescence. Here, authentic cloth, archival patterns & good old fashion American-made quality converge in a pair of khakis that will not only command your attention, but will become your new gold standard. 100% cotton.  Machine washable.

Made in USA.



Lines. The pages of well worn books. They are the best Pulp-Fiction you can imagine—luridly descriptive and wantonly seductive. Have you read John D. MacDonald, Donald Hamilton, or Ross MacDonald. Yes. That’s a lot of Donalds, and all worth it. #pulpfiction #augustbreak2014

Leather cover for the Moleskine Cashier journals.

Made by Bradley Mountain.